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As the media landscape continues to become more convoluted with every new innovation in communication, marketers will continue to struggle to determine where they can reach the most people. If we have learned anything about technology and communication in the past 20 years, we have learned that it’s become more and more personal, and that customization is not a luxury anymore, it’s a necessity. To that end, how can a marketer communicate with a consumer on anything but a one-to-one basis anymore, and furthermore, how can they even be sure their target is using the same channels of communication? The simple fact is, they can’t. Mass media as we know it is dead and mass-marketers are throwing up their hands and looking to the skies for a solution. That’s where we are…

Aaron “Alan” Drexell


Alan began his long career in space when he was still in high school with his program Mars Stars, a government lobby with the goal of emphasizing space education in public schools with the stated goal of discovering “the next generation of space explorers.” Though it didn’t get the federal funding he’d applied for, a modified form of the program was adopted statewide in Iowa, and also in Clare County, MI.

While still in grad school for Computer Science, he was contracted by the United States government to create a satellite tracking system which helped to facilitate the first major launch of GPS satellites into orbit in 1994. Realizing the commercial potential of the technologies he helped to pioneer, Alan quickly reentered the private sector and began developing early consumer gps enabled products. But his imagination always brought him back to outer space.

In 1998 Alan was able to get a small seat on the space shuttle Endeavor for his TimePod X1, a time capsule that was released into space along with the MightySat and SAC-A satellites on the First International Space Station Flight. It was during that project that Alan had the idea to subsidize future private space projects through ad sponsorships.

It was at the 2004 UBS Global Media Conference that Alan met fellow entrepreneur and space enthusiast Steven Scharf, who had just left his post as Chief Marketing Officer at RifiCo, which was in the process of being absorbed by their long time competitor, United Potash.

It wasn’t long until the two merged their personal expertise and experience to form CM.

Steven Scharf

President/Chief Creative Officer

Steven brings over 16 years of communications experience to Celestial Marketing. Steven started his career in consulting, with a focus on new business development and new media. Steven has worked as an independent consultant for Fortune 1000 brands, in addition to working across all four of the big four consulting firms. He has made it his mantra to recognize the importance of including the consumers’ needs—both passive and reactive—as the critical element in any successful brand strategy.

Upon meeting Alan and co-founding Celestial Marketing, Steven has spent the last year forging partnerships with various space programs and best in class space vendors across the globe. Steven is charged with driving new business for Celestial Marketing, and working with all prospective new clients.

Steven continues to be in demand for speaking engagements on a variety of marketing and advertising topics at major meetings, conferences and universities around the world. Steven continues to consult for Fortune 1000 brands on new media and communication strategies via Celestial Marketing Consulting.