Celestial Marketing Set to Take Brands to New Heights

July 23, 2008. New York, New York. In the current age of media over-saturation and mixed messaging across multiple platforms, advertisers continue to clamor for new and effective ways to reach their core consumer audience. Traditional advertising has lost its luster, while interactive efforts for most brands struggle to make their mark. Enter Celestial Marketing, an agency focused on taking a brand’s message to the one medium a consumer can not “tune out” or “turn off”…outer space. By creating integrated extraterrestrial campaigns that span the likes of the moon, satellites, space stations and space-bound vehicles, Celestial will look to bring brands and consumers into the next frontier of non-traditional advertising.

Celestial Marketing founders, Aaron “Alan” Drexell and Steven Scharf, hold a combined background in space and advertising. Prior to founding Celestial, Drexel worked in various capacities in the development of GPS technologies for governmental and private applications. Scharf began his career as a consultant, working with the ranks of various well known brands.

“It’s official, we’ve hung our shingle, and are looking forward to discussing this opportunity with forward thinking brands interested in the space space.”

Celestial Marketing opens with 19 full time employees, plus global relationships with space programs and best in class space vendors. The company’s first major project is set to take place in the next month or so, though details cannot be confirmed at this point.